Calsuds® products are economical concentrates that require minimal additional ingredients to produce a desired cleaner/detergent formulation. Calsuds® concentrates serve as bases for a wide variety of products industrial and institutional applications such as light and heavy duty cleaners, hard surface cleaners, wool washes, car washes, metal cleaners, and dairy cleaners. In addition to the listed products, Pilot can custom manufacture Calsuds® products to meet your specifications.

Chemical Overview

Calsuds® 81

Concentrated Detergent Blend

Detergent base with excellent detergency, great grease cutting, emulsification, wetting, foaming, flash foam and handling properties.

Calsuds® A

Concentrated Detergent Blend

Performance concentrate which can be used 'as is', diluted or compounded. Imparts excellent detergency, soil and particulate removal, grease cutting and foaming properties.

Calsuds® CD-6

Modified Coconut Diethanolamide

100% active and high alkalinity performance concentrate with excellent emulsifying, viscosity building, and foam stabilizing properties. Ideal for high viscosity and economical formulations.

Calsuds® HSC

Proprietary anionic and nonionic surfactant blend

Calsuds® HSC is a clear concentrated blend of surfactants that is NPE-Free and readily dilutable with water. It is a solvent and VOC-Free multi-component HI&I cleaner that is effective in soft and hard water, and contains solubilizers and foam stabilizers for increased versatility.